Innovators of cold chain management solutions
DeltaTrak® , Inc. - a leading innovator in cold chain management and temperature monitoring solutions. Our product line includes a wide range of temperature and humidity data loggers and wireless systems.

"We also develop and manufacture high-quality portable instrumentation that monitors/records temperature and humidity.

A wide range of products
We have all the thermometers you need for transporting and storing a wide variety of products. We also design and manufacture high quality portable instrumentation that monitors/records temperature and humidity. Our comprehensive cold chain control systems also include professional digital sensors and infrared thermometers.
DeltaTrak is committed to providing high quality, reliable products and services. We provide a variety of calibration and certification services to ensure that our solutions and products maintain their performance, and to help customers meet standard operating procedures and comply with USDA, FDA and FSIS regulations
Technical support
With our worldwide sales and support organization, DeltaTrack is strategically positioned to provide optimal support coverage wherever we provide our food safety and HACCP, cold chain management and environmental monitoring solutions.

FlashLink® Mini PDF Recorder on the go

Our next-generation automatic recorder has the added benefit of Shadow Log® technology, ensuring that recipients will always receive trip data, even if the shipper forgets to start the device.
Shadow Log® guarantees trip data

The Shadow Log® disposable temperature logger guarantees trip data

No software is required to download the reports
Receivers around the world can quickly and easily download recorded travel history without special readers or software installation.
For any length of trip
One model for any length of trip, up to 85 days
Save and share files from your PC or tablet
Recorded data is scaled to fit the graph in a one-page PDF report
Reports in °F and °C scales
Reports are automatically generated in °F and °C scales, including graph, summary analytics, and tabular data.
Built-in USB connector, no special reader
This compact disposable temperature recorder has a built-in USB connector, making it ideal for export shipments.
Innovators in cold chain management
Cost of equipment with installation from 40 AZN

Our Products

Businesses large and small around the world depend on our products and services. Our cloud-based software solution provides the monitoring and quality assurance functions associated with ColdTrak® cold chain management.

Jumbo Display Wall Lightweight Thermohygrometer

The Jumbo Display Model 13309 Thermohygrometer monitors temperature and relative humidity in warehouses, production facilities, cold rooms, hospitals, pharmacies, blood banks, clean rooms, greenhouses, livestock buildings such as chicken houses and hatcheries

FlashCheck® for dishwashers

The dishwasher kit (model 12214) ensures that the minimum disinfection temperature is achieved during the last rinse in high temperature dishwashers.

Kitchen thermometer Heating/cooling

Use the cooking thermometer for heating/cooling to set the desired internal cooking temperature without even opening the oven door, model 26003

WarmMark® temperature and time indicator

WarmMark Time-Temperature indicators can be used to monitor the temperature of products during transport, storage or processing.

JXB-178 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Frontal infrared temperature thermometers provide accurate and stable body temperature readings.

FlashLink® Portable BLE Logger

The recorder is ideal for wireless temperature monitoring of perishable products as they move through the cold chain, from food to semi-finished products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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